Should Children Brush Their Teeth at School?


It can be important and sometimes necessary for kids to brush while at school. Typically, pediatric dentists will recommend that kids brush their teeth 2-3 times per day—morning, night, and another convenient time throughout the day. This would mean that brushing at school may not be necessary since they can brush their teeth when arriving at home after school.

If your child has braces, however, it may be necessary to brush after eating lunch at school. At minimum, though, he or she may need to rinse their mouth after eating or snacking at school.

Just remember that, for healthy teeth and gums, toothbrushing and flossing is very important. Proper oral care can help to prevent cavities throughout the childhood years. And brushing at school may be necessary for some kids to achieve healthy smiles.

Important things to remember if your child brushes his/her teeth at school

– If your child is too young to brush on his/her own, be sure an adult supervises/helps with toothbrushing.
Be sure your child stores the toothbrush in a clean environment to minimize exposure to germs.

– The school nurse may be able to help with toothbrushing. Ask the school nurse if your child can do so in his/her nurse “office” so your child can have some privacy.

– If your child has orthodontic braces, be sure to discuss the need for brushing at school with the school nurse and anyone else in charge at the school.

Before your child starts brushing at school, be sure to get permission from them…

Check with your child’s school to see if brushing is allowed

Your child’s school and school district may or may not allow tooth brushing at school. It is always best to check with your kid’s school to see if he or she can brush/floss while at school. If your child absolutely needs to brush, your child’s dentist may be able to write a “doctor’s note” to submit to the school in order to justify toothbrushing during school hours.

If brushing isn’t allowed at your child’s school, follow these tips during the school year in order to minimize cavities


If the school does not allow your child to brush his or her teeth at school, there are things you and your child can do to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Tips for kid’s to have healthy teeth and gums:
– Have your child eat foods that are a part of a healthy diet. Limit sugary foods and beverages as much as possible. When consuming sugary foods/beverages, your child should brush his or her teeth as soon after consumption as possible.
– Your child should drink water while at school during lunch and snack time instead of sugary beverages.
– Be sure your child brushes his or her teeth before leaving for school in the morning.
– Be sure your child brushes his or her teeth when arriving at home after school.
– If he or she has orthodontic braces, they can rinse their mouth with water in the school’s bathroom or the nurse’s “office” after drinking and/or eating.

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