What is Pulp Therapy?

The pulp of a tooth is the inner, central core of the tooth. It contains nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue and reparative cells. The purpose of pulp therapy in pediatric dentistry is to preserve the life of the affected tooth.

The two common forms of pulp therapy in children’s teeth are the pulpotomy and pulpectomy.

A Pulpotomy is a procedure that removes diseased pulp tissue from the crown of the tooth and uses specialized dental agents to reduce further bacterial growth.

Pulpectomy (a/k/a Baby Root Canal), is a procedure that is necessary when decay enters the nerve of a tooth. When the infection has spread beyond the crown and extends into the tooth’s root, this procedure removes the diseased pulp tissue completely from the crown and root. The canals are cleansed, medicated and filled with a resorbable material.